Welcome to Brilliant Box

The home of the stylish flexible living space, a place where contemporary design meets functionality. Todays technology creating our homes of tomorrow, intelligent systems that manage the internal environment creating the ideal home.

At Brilliant Box we are attempting to break with long standing traditions of how our homes are constructed, shortages in skilled labour mean that tomorrows house builders and home makers need to radically rethink their delivery strategies.

By adopting a fabric first ethos we have manufactured high quality high quality modular buildings which bring a unique approach to the prefabricated homes sector (prefab homes and prefab houses). At Brilliant Box we create stylish modular homes that are unique in both appearance and performance, we even cater for bespoke designs and can supply custom made modular solutions.

Production line principles are not new themselves but they are relatively new to the UK construction market and the wider housing sector, our solutions aim to minimise the variants often common with traditionally delivered houses. Utilising these new principles combined with modern high performance materials, innovative production processes we are able to create products where quality and right first time are our first priority.

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Modern Methods of Construction

  • Meeting the UK code for sustainable homes
  • Alignment with the UK Government 2025 Construction Strategies
  • Production processes that closely track the major motor manufacturers, attaining engineered tolerances never experienced within the UK housing sector
  • Modern high performance materials that are often only seen on highly spec`d units, these are now common place even at entry level on all of our homes

Homes delivered to your site 100% complete.